Volker “Woody” Kiel

Volker "Woody" Kiel

Woody “Volker” Kiel
Master Trainer

As a veteran in the fitness industry I have been helping, motivating and inspiring people to increase their health, performance and/or quality of life for over 26 years.As a graduate of the Military Sports Academy and being certified through the International Alliance of Professional Athletes Trainers, NSCA and NCCPT, I have been working with a broad variety of individuals from professional athletes over weight loss candidates all the way to severe medical post rehab. My knowledge in nutrition is extensive and I participate regularly in continuous education to keep up to date with the latest research in order to give my clients the best assistance in achieving their goals.

When I first started in this business my focus was on personal training with physical improvement through weight lifting. I quickly realized that physical fitness does not necessarily equal health. This really changed my philosophy and lead to a very different and more successful approach in training and coaching my clients.Due to the exposure of such an incredibly high amount of toxins in our environment and the amount of chemicals used in the food industry, which is more than scary, (considering the effect on our body/health) we have to change more than just our activity level to heal our body and increase our performance.

If you are ready to make a change in your life or need help to get back on track after any surgery, please contact me by phone or email for a free, no obligation Consultation and I will sit down with you to discuss the best approach to reach your goals.