Tiffany Luce


Tiffany Luce
Personal Trainer

My interest in becoming a personal trainer began like most I’m sure, with a desire and need to help others succeed. As a training client myself, I began to see other members at the gym struggling with workouts or equipment. Witnessing this lit a fame of passion within my heart; a burning desire to see and help other people on their fitness journey.

I began my own journey years ago at 198 lbs and extremely unhappy, not only with who I saw in the mirror, but how this affected my personality. In spite of my fear of the gym, I continued to pursue my fitness goals. Now, I’ve learned that once you control your mind, you can conquer your body. The transformation I’ve made mentally and emotionally is so much stronger than how I’ve grown physically. And for me, it became much more than building a better body. It’s about building a mindset capable of achieving anything.

• Strength Training
• Female Body Sculpting
• Bikini Competition Preparation
• Weight Loss
• Accountability & Motivation
• Rehabilitation
• Yoga
• Figure Enhancement

Tiffany Luce, Before & After

Tiffany Luce, Before & After